On Speaking and Consulting

Jani really understands how to engage people effectively. My first experience with her as my coach was both professional and enlightening. Through Jani’s coaching, I was able to be successful in completing a particular certification and furthering my career. It was a privilege to work with Jani.
E. Hojka, Sprint PCS
Jani has worked with over 500 of our Sales Managers, Sales Engineers and Service Managers teaching strategies and processes allowing them to be more effective and productive in their current roles. Her ability to focus in on development needs as well as personal strengths, makes her a consultant that earns credibility fast, especially with people who are very busy in their current roles, but want to improve their effectiveness. We at Rockwell Automation appreciate Jani’s candor and her balanced approach to coaching.
L. Cleve, Rockwell Automation

On Stop Managing Start Inspiring

As leaders, it is so important to keep our focus in balance between the business at hand and the ever important human aspects of our job. This book is just what’s needed to help us remember how to do this effectively.
Jack Canfield, Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work
This book you’ll buy for yourself then soon give one to each of your staff and fellow leaders. It’s that powerful! Jani took the acronym “VALUES” and made it an easy to follow guide to being an inspiring leader.
James Malinchak, Seen on ABC's TV Show Secret Millionaire
This book reminds us not just what we should DO as leaders and managers…but also what we should BE. I believe the core of our role is that of talent manager….and inspiring talent is a huge part of attracting, retaining, developing and engaging our very diverse teams to meet business objectives. This book not only reminds us, but shows us how!
Linda Stokes, President and CEO, PRISM International
The primary difference between great leaders in sales and the rest of the pack is communication skills – the ability to influence others with emotion, connection, and trust. This book contains learnable communication skill improvement exercises – opportunities for leaders and individual performers to purposefully get better.
Mike Bosworth, Author, Solution Selling & What Great Salespeople Do
Inspiring others to do the difficult, to reach higher, and to achieve their best is what separates a leader from a manager. We recognize it in the people who lead by example and who do so with passion and respect for others. In this book, J.L. Ashmore shares specific examples of small acts that rippled through a group inspiring others to change for the better. Practical and wise, this is a book you’ll value from the first page
Sharon V. Parker, Author of Selling with Soul Version 2.0



Leadership is more art than science. This book embraces the essence of what it means to lead people to heights they never thought possible; inspired people can move mountains. This book can be a roadmap and practical tool for any leader who aspires to greatness!
Anita Lewis, CPA, CFO, The Rudd Company, Inc.
J. L. Ashmore is a genius transformational leader. In this book she gives you the keys to make a transition from a traditional manager to an effective inspiring leader. Read it, study it, apply it and share it.
Ricardo Fabiani Garcia, Engineering Program Manager, Hewlett Packard Puerto Rico
After working with thousands of young talented individuals, I have recognized the serious need for inspiring leadership much more than just managing. In this wonderful book, J.L. Ashmore very clearly articulates the essential elements of inspirational leadership. It’s an outstanding job of packing all of the key elements such as Vision, Goals, and Actions into one book. What is most impressive is that this is a very easy reading book. Congratulations on this fantastic work.
Ravi Kumar, Senior Vice President, NTTDATA

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